Below you will find just some of the typical moronic, disruptive, ill-logical, half assed, ludicrous crap that I see each day. Things I simple can not stand, or can fathom how they came to existence at all.    Newest Entries on Top
WARNING:  This page Will contain harsh and vulgar language.

Catalogs with drawings, instead of photos of their products.
     Its like they are trying to hide something. You cant tell what the product quality is, or what the materials used are like. I would think it would cost just as much to pay someone to draw all those products as it would to photograph them.

Manufactures, Retailers that give little to no information about their products.
     Is it too much to ask, to have a detailed description of a product? You are lucky of you get the color and size. Just about every aspect of a product should be available to the customer. Electronics come with just about the most detailed manuals, with a couple pages of info. But, even they are often lacking many important details. Power consumption, voltage ranges, list of some of the major components used. I think the consumer should have access to pages of specs on something as simple as a toothbrush. I looked in my trucks manual the other day, there were not ANY indications of the fluid amounts for the oil, transmission, etc. Guess thats why they invented dipsticks? To save ink?

"Dumbing Down" Products
     This goes hand in hand with the lack of real information on products. I am sick of seeing commercials and packaging, with descriptions that were meant for 3 year olds. Controls and interfaces with labels like Warm, Warmer, Hot, Hottest. How about just displaying the actual temperature on the knob ?!? Many products are actually Dumbed Down, so that every can easily understand them. This is only breeding further ignorance of the the products that we purchase. I think it goes along with their plan of making the products cheaper and less reliable each year.

I recently had an ATV accident, and went to the hospital for a few x-rays and 3 stitches in my hand. $3,237 !!!
I wouldnt find this an acceptable price even for competent healthcare. I look at is as really expensive room rental. Seeing how most of the visit consisted of sitting on a white sheet of paper for over and hour. The "doctor" walks in and says, "yep, that needs stitches". Really? no shit, thats kinda why I am here. 30 minutes later he returns to stitch me up. A week later, I receive four "bills" telling me I have 30 days to pay them in full. First off, there were no itemized listed of what I was actually paying for, and my insurance had not been factored in. One of the "bills" was from Radiologist in another facility looking at the x-rays. The $2,000+ bill from the hospital isnt enough for them to hire their own damn Radiologist? Each of the four bills have been sent back, twice. Still, no insurance was factored in. Oh, and my hand looks like I let one of my drunk buddies stitch me up with his feet. Next time I'll use a staple gun.

Slow, indecisive, dangerous, oblivious, inconsiderate drivers.
     This has to be the main cause of my high blood pressure. I am not even talking about the times you are cut off or almost hit by them, I chuckle as I ponder how it is possible they are so oblivious to how close they came to being Blasted by 2,000+ lbs of moving steel. The ones that really get on my nerves are the ones that act like they are on coma induced Sunday drive with not particular destination. They never use their turn signals, but I guess they figure you will get they idea as they slow down to a Crawling speed as they take they time turning off the road. If you pull up in traffic, blatantly blocking a merging side street, that burning sensation you feel is my burning a how through you with my fuming rage stare as you block my way. And god help you if you pull out into an intersection, knowing full well you will not make it during your light, blocking the other lanes as you get stuck in traffic, blocking my way as my light turns green !

     For the last damn time !!!! I do not want any penis pills, loans, mortgages, medications, watches, stock tips, weight loss tricks, or webcam invites !!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!  ENOUGH  !!!

Waste of Paper
     This mainly bothers me when its in the for of Junk Mail. Its bad enough that I have to wade through over 100 spam emails a day. Then after I get home from work, what awaits me at home? A real mailbox or of it ! I seriously dont see how we have not used every last tree standing by now. I have actually seen junk flyers for other items, IN my junk mail !!!!! The fucking Spam is Breeding !